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Why the Libya Conflict Continues

April 10, 2011


Libyan Rebel in Ajdabiya (Courtesy of CNN)

It has been nearly two months since fighting started in Libya, and it still continues despite help from NATO to the rebel forces.  Had we left Libya to deal with its own problems, they would have been resolved long ago, I have no doubt in my mind about this, but let me go into more detail.

The extension of this conflict was inevitable.  Gaddafi and his forces had the upper hand by a landslide, and the rebels stood no chance to begin with.  This changed when NATO got involved and crippled the military apparatus of Libya.  What this has done is essentially evened the odds, which has created an even more volatile region.  As the two armies of now more relatively equal size fight essentially to the death, as both desire control, large numbers of casualties will incur on both sides.  Had Gaddafi suppressed the rebels initially, the conflict would have ended, perhaps he would have learned that he needs to open up talks for a more democratic process, but the bloodshed would have ceased.

Let us not forget that Gaddafi’s initial coup was to stop the exploitation of his people and resources to the West, and to provide more to the citizens of Libya.  He has done this over decades of infrastructure development, creation of social services, and public works such as healthcare and education; however the media will not cover this, because Gaddafi is a socialist. Gaddafi has always been, despite Western media coverage, about the people.  I do not justify any human rights abuses that have been incurred along the way, however you cannot form an opinion on the issue without knowing the other side.  The Libyan rebels are not rebelling because they are starving by any means, but solely for political reasons.

What NATO has done, again, is exacerbate the problem.  By supporting a coup that was destined to fail from its inception, they must now either increase support by perhaps establishing ground forces to finish what they’ve started, or continue to sit by and watch this conflict pan out.  If left as is, this conflict will last a long time, and I suspect Gaddafi will win this war.  Therefore, I suspect NATO will be ramping up their forces.


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